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The second you put on a pair of MBT shoes you experience the difference between physiological footwear and conventional shoes: wearing MBT physiological footwear is like walking barefoot on springy moss or on a sandy beach - a very comfortable feeling, but also challenging for the whole body.

Every step is a small workout for the entire body. Gait and posture improve significantly relieving the pressure on the joints and back and a multitude of muscles are exercised, both when standing and walking, which burns calories and stimulates the metabolism - stimulating weight loss and speeding up regeneration.

MBT is the physiological footwear brand that encourages people to step into a stronger body while walking and standing.

MBT transforms hard even surfaces into soft uneven ones.

Unlike conventional shoes that support and cushion your feet, the unique construction of the MBT challlenges your muscles to be more active

MBT re-establishes the natural conditions for standing and walking.

MBT for Health and Beauty

Just for a moment, think about how many steps you take every day. Now think about how long you spend standing still every day. By wearing MBTs these situations would become a comprehensive workout. due to MBT's continually working your muscles and activating neglected muscles you'll find your body changes for the better. Specifically MBTs can help:

  • tone legs, stomach and buttocks with weight loss
  • improve posture and gait
  • strengthen the pelvic floor muscles
  • improve the movement for the muscular skeletal system

MBT Shoes for Medical & Therapy

Medical professionals around the world recommend the use of MBT shoes for the treatment, rehabilitation and prevention of:

  • back, hip, leg and foot problems
  • joint, muscle ligament and tendon injuries

Back problems, especially, are helped thanks to MBTs loosening up muscle tension. This allows the body to return to its natural state of health and encourage its natural healing abilities. MBT shoes were originally developed as a medical training device and is licensed in the EU as a Class 1 medical product. Back pains can be reduced through muscle strengthening.

MBT for Sport & Fitness

We all know what it's like running barefoot on the beach. Soft, forgiving but actually quite hard work. Because of the way MBT shoes work, running in them is very much like running on a beach. With the soft heel-sensor and rolling action your muscles have to work harder than normal and you'll be using muscles that are usually neglected when running in normal training shoes.

In fact MBT shoes can help burn more calories when walking or jogging. More specifically they can help to:

  • improve performance
  • activate neglected muscles
  • improve muscle co-ordination
  • provide a more efficient workout
  • improve your running technique
  • improve core stability
  • improve endurance
  • prevent injuries and reduce the time it takes for injuries to heal

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